Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

• Fleek Network has released a new whitepaper for its decentralized edge platform, along with an open-source Github repository.
• The platform is designed to provide a shared performance layer for Web 3.0 protocols and services, with features that support low latency and improved performance.
• This release is a major milestone on the path to launching a testnet for the decentralized edge network next month.

Fleek Network Releases New Whitepaper

Fleek Network has released a new whitepaper describing the decentralized edge platform it is developing, as well as an open-source GitHub repository for the protocol. The whitepaper outlines the architecture and design of the protocol which enables a full edge network supporting serverless functions, SSR (server-side rendering), container orchestration, various database functions and more.

Motivation Behind Decentralized Edge Platform

The development of Fleek’s decentralized edge platform was driven by recognition of infrastructure trends that have seen the modern web migrate from the cloud to the edge due to an increasing number of internet users and low latency demands globally. The aim is to provide a shared performance layer that all Web 3.0 protocols can leverage instead of redundantly building this layer for every service or protocol.

Features & Functionality

The protocol design results in work performed by nodes across the network being determined solely by geography and reputation score, while also featuring attributes like stateless execution, a VM-less core, content addressing and several other performance optimizations aimed at improving overall performance and low latency of the network and services built on top of it.

Major Milestone Reached

This release marks a major milestone on the path towards launching a testnet for Fleek’s decentralized edge network next month – providing further incentive for developers looking to build on top of Web 3.0 protocols or services to utilize this performance layer moving forward.

Statement From Fleek’s CEO

Harrison Hines, CEO and co-founder of Fleek Network stated: “Similar to the modern web’s evolution, Web 3.0 is quickly moving toward a modular and composable future… Introducing a highly-performant decentralized edge network into the Web 3.0 stack as a shared performance layer could help close the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 performance.”

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