Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

• Bitzlato Crypto Exchange has recently restored access to its customers allowing them to withdraw half of their frozen funds.
• This was after the US Department of Justice (DOJ) shuttered the exchange for allegedly processing illegal transactions worth over $700 million.
• All withdrawals from Bitzlato are in BTC as the exchange converted all its altcoin holdings to Bitcoin when DOJ shuttered the platform.

Bitzlato Crypto Exchange Restores Access To Customers

Bitzlato crypto exchange has restored access for its customers to withdraw their Bitcoin from the platform. The exchange conveyed the message through Telegram with a directive that users can only access 50% of their frozen funds on the platform and must use the Telegram bot ‘bz_phoenix_bot,’ as highlighted in the message, to access their funds. This involves moving the funds to an external wallet or another crypto exchange. Additionally, Bitzlato encouraged users to click the ‘Support Bitzlato’ button while processing their withdrawals, which will help them restore justice and reclaim remaining half of all assets.

BTC Falls Below $28,000

The BTCUSDT on TradingView fell below $28,000 in recent trading sessions due to market volatility and bearish sentiment from investors. Despite this setback, many crypto enthusiasts remain optimistic about Bitcoin’s prospects going forward given its past performance since it debuted nearly a decade ago.

DOJ Closes Crypto Firm For Illegal Businesses

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) recently closed down a crypto firm allegedly conducting illegal businesses and money laundering activities worth over $700 million without obtaining proper license or adhering anti-money laundering regulations set by US regulatory agencies. The firm in question is Bitzlato and its founder felt immediate consequences with DOJ shutting down operations at once before allowing any customer withdrawal process whatsoever.

BitStarz Player Lands Record Win!

In other news, BitStarz player landed a massive jackpot win worth over $2 million on Wild Casino slot game during this period of time as well! While not directly linked with crypto industry developments, such wins provide positive sentiments for gamblers who look forward to similar success stories going forward as well!


Despite some setbacks like DOJ’s crackdown on illegal activities within cryptocurrency exchanges like Bitzlatio, there have been some positive news too where BitStarz player recorded record-breaking win at Wild Casino slot game worth over $ 2 million during this period! As more regulation continues within cryptocurrencies sector now onwards , we can also expect more safer environment for digital asset holders around world!

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